Putting on Contact Lenses

The first step in putting on contact lenses is to make sure that the lens is clean. This can be accomplished by cleaning it with the recommended solution. After that, inserting the lens into the eye is easy, provided that the user is using a soft or rigid lens. The next step is to insert the plug into the sink, then slide the lens into place over the cornea. Once the plug is in place, the user can close their eyes and look toward the nose.

The two most common types of contact lenses are korean colored contact lenses AU soft and hard. The former is made of a thin, flexible material, which is often a combination of water and air. The latter is designed to be worn overnight and have the added advantage of being more durable than the former. While the former type has several advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. The extended-wear lenses should be removed daily for hygiene reasons. If the wearer doesn’t want to remove the lens each day, they can buy daily-wear contact lenses.

Some contact lenses have a limited amount of wear time. In addition to a certain number of complications, improper wearing can lead to bacterial infections of the contact lens and its storage case. By using a solution that’s designed to remove contaminants as they build up, careful users can extend the life of their contacts. Proper cleaning can prevent bacterial infections, and it can prevent the need to buy a new one. In some cases, contact lenses may be dangerous to the eye.






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