What is the best Magento extension for SEO?

If you’re an search engine marketing working inside the e-commerce space, it’s going to be crucial to discover ways to work with magento seo. Fortunately, there are plenty of truly precise matters that Magento does out of the field from an search engine marketing attitude. However, there are without a doubt some issues you’ll want to don’t forget with any Magento web site.


What is Magento SEO?

Magento search engine marketing is a fixed of SEO changes which are unique to the Magento platform. Magento has terrific features for search engine marketing which includes a robots.Txt file, sitemap.Xml and multiple methods to redirect pages. Magento search engine marketing troubles consist of reproduction content material from the faceted navigation, flawed canonical tags, and a loss of running a blog capability.


Below you can see our hints for improving search engine optimization at the Magento platform:


One of the most important search engine marketing troubles with any Magento website is likely going to be the faceted navigation. Faceted navigations create huge crawling and indexing problems seeing that their lifestyles exponentially increases the variety of pages that can be crawled. As pages in the faceted navigation will handiest either sort or narrow current merchandise, these pages create duplicate and comparable content material. Alsol, if you think about the truth that each unmarried mixture of parameters might be taken into consideration a unique page, the range of pages a faceted navigation creates may be significant. In this example, Google showsa video from Google, they suggest how a store with 158 SKUs clearly created 380,000 specific URLs that Googlebot ought to crawl. Not perfect!


If your Magento store makes use of faceted navigation, you’re likely going to want to take steps to manipulate the crawl. While a how-to on controlling the move slowly of a faceted navigation should warrant multiple blog posts, I’ll try to summarize steps that must be taken.


Audit to locate low-fine, listed pages from the faceted navigation. Identify steps to get rid of them from the index (noindex, canonical tag)


Review the web site’s log files to discover any low-quality pages which are getting crawled


Block the crawl of any low cost parameters via the robots.Txt


Consider simplest permitting pages with high seek ability to be listed


Of course, the steps taken right here are going to vary a lot relying at the web site. The average point is that in case you utilize a faceted navigation to your Magento website online, one of the maximum critical things you’ll want to do is overview how Google is crawling and indexing the pages that are being generated and take steps to dispose of the indexation after which block the crawl of low excellent or reproduction pages.







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